KingFace: Conservative Thug

A look at the ideas and opinions of New York City Urban activist and social commentator KingFace. Watch the video. Pay attention. Open Revolt doesn’t necessarily agree with everything he says but find it a valuable part of the American politlcal conversation. Show him mature support on YouTube and Twitter.

“My ‘Make America Great Again’ MAGA hat has been like the sunglasses Roddy Piper had in the movie ‘They Live’… it’s like there are aliens cloaking themselves as human beings. You put this on and you can see the aliens, the bug eyes, the scales on the skin, everything. The hat exposes them, it lets me see who they are, by their idiot reactions.”

KingFace, New York City urban activist and social commentator

“I come from black communities. This is where I was raised more often than not. And the fact is the majority of black males have nothing to do with the social conditioning ideas of the liberal left, the Clintons, the greater Democratic Party, the fucking #metoo movement, or any of the rest of the cultural Marxist poison. Take that on one hand and on the other the undeniable fact that President Trump has driven black unemployment to an all-time low and the Black income to an all-time high and it is clear why you would see more Black men getting behind the populist and nationalist message. And against illegal Mexican and Latin American immigration, the chosen favorites of the liberal elite. Don’t forget Mexican and Latin American gangs target Blacks first with violence in many cases, and Mexican illegal workers directly compete with poor Blacks for jobs. It’s great to see KingFace, Hotep Jesus and others being courageous and telling the truth about this exceptional time in American political and social struggle. We may not agree on everything but we give our respect and wish them well. We are fighting the same enemies and we both have knowledge of self.”

James Porrazzo, Founder New Resistance


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