The World Must Return to the Holy Order

By Idelmino Ramos Neto, Aurora de Ferro

The first royal families rose up in the still tribal stages of pre-civilization, when calloused warriors decided to take up weapons in defense of the people, moved quite probably by the suffering of those in the front lines of the attack of other “nations.” In the classical world, from the Bronze Age to the High Middle Ages, this aristocracy of warriors – instructed since a young age to the obligations of the polis, ruled with fists of steel – and from its sweat and blood magnificent civilizations flourished, from Rome to Persia.

It is true that the great majority of royal families nowadays, that have the casus belli “de jure” to govern, were deeply deteriorated (and the bourgeois revolutions of the last millenium are a direct fruit of their incompetence). Nonetheless, the actual model based on the ideals of “equality, freedom and fraternity”, democratic and liberal, proved itself to be a deep swamp of corruption and negligence, allowing the most rootless and materialistic caste that humanity has ever seen to take by assault all the nations of the globe, vampirizing them up until the last drop of the blood of their people and Traditions.

It’s essential we see a return to the Holy Order, and necessary to change the globalist plutocratic order back to the Golden Age that raised great heroes and civilizations, not lead by the deteriorated royal families that today aspire to comeback to power, but by a new aristocracy, headed by kshatriyas with a Golden Soul and a martial spirit.

Ad Victoriam!

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