Starsoul: Archeofuturist Fiction by Idelmino Ramos Neto


Purple sky, red sand.

– Do you know why they made you a slave, warrior? – White owl, golden


– No. – Silver dermis.

– Do you remember your homeland?

– Yes. I was born in the nucleus of Mars, for millennia I ran free through

the hills of the universe under the thousand suns. My soul was carved out

of the stars.

– You carry the stars in your spirit, and therefore you are free. That’s why

they hate you. Do you long to be free again, warrior?

– Yes. Are you God?

No. – Smile. – I am the mother of all free things, you included.


– Go back, slave. You can’t pass. – Wolf head, black spear.

– I am free and I will be so for eternity. – Drew, blue sword.

– I can’t allow it. – Attacked, dodged beheading him.


Bronze mountain.

– There is yet another challenge, warrior. – The bird argued.

– Does not matter. – Sighed. – There is no challenge in this universe for

those who aspire to be free.

– Great! Kill the dragon, he is the jailer in these walls of sadness and


– So be it.


– Why do you long to pass, warrior? – Indigo scales, crimson pupils.

– Because I am free, and so I must always be. – Stripped the steel.

– I can’t allow it. – Vomited flaming magma.

– Your fire does not burn me, Serpent. – Laugh. – I carry the stars in my

heart, I am free and I always will be. Tore the torso, devoured the petrified

heart. Freedom.


Author: Idelmino Ramos Neto.


Instagram: @mnetoad @auroradeferro

This is the first in what will be regular posts of Archeofuturist fiction from across the world on Open Revolt. While most of this will be coming from our own Archeofuturist FrontAurora de Ferro but other contributors are certainly welcome.

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