On Archeofuturism and the Archeofuturist Front


Archeofuturism is both archaic and futuristic, for it validates the primordiality of Homer’s epic values in the same breath that it advances the most daring contemporary science.” – Michael O’Meara

The attitude that approaches the future in terms of ancestral values, believing that notions of modernism and traditionalism need to be dialectically transcended.

Archeofuturism opposes both modernity and conservatism, seeing them as versos of one another and believing that modernity is backward-looking, having failed to realize either its ideals or great projects. Techno-science, for example, is incompatible with modernity’s humanitarian and egalitarian values. The Twenty-first century will see the resurgence of struggles that bourgeois and Western cosmopolitan ideology thought it had long ago buried: ident1tarian, traditionalist, and religious conflicts; geopolitical fissures; ethn1c questions posed at the planetary level; battles over scarce resources.

– Guillaume Faye


Archeofuturist: An Archeofuturist knows the future of the European and European Diaspora Right requires a transcendence of the division between those who wish for a restoration of the traditions of the past, and those who are calling for new social and technological forms – creating a synthesis which will amplify the strengths and restrain the excesses of both.

Front: (1): a vanguard (2): a line of battle (3): a movement linking divergent elements to achieve common objectives.

New Resistance and Archeofuturist Front: UNITED IN STRUGGLE!

We are happy to announce while our editorial team remains in place, with a few key additions, Open Revolt is now officially also acting as the voice of the Archeofuturist Front, along with New Resistance.

Visit Archeofuturist Front (AF) and AF’s Brazilian brothers Aurora de Ferro.

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