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  1. Do you have something in sapnish or french, I wrote the unique book about Baron Ungern in Spanish a lot of people in spanish speaking countries now know him, Spain. Argentinia, Chile…

  2. rebelfront says:

    I like this site! I’d like to know more about your organization.

  3. Thanks, AnonAF; The whole concept behind this site smacks greatly of National Revolution!

  4. Dear Friends from my name is Jose M. Herrou Aragón (Хосе М. Херроу Арагон), I am the author of book “La Religion Prohibida” in Spanish, translated as “The Forbidden Religion” in English and now translated to Russian as”ЗАПРЕЩЕННАЯ РЕЛИГИЯ” and published in the website

    I am a fan of your website, and It would be nice if you where interested in including my book or my website into your website.

    The book is free to read and it´s sold at a low cost, to help people who want´s to have a printed version.

    The books is also translated to portuguese and beign translated to german.


    Jose M. Herrou Aragón (Хосе М. Херроу Арагон)

    • AnonAF says:

      Mr. Aragon,

      We have read your book here and find it very moving and inspirational. It would be great if we could speak further.

      Perhaps we could do an interview with you in English?

      Open Revolt

  5. msabeheddin says:

    Greetings James,
    Thank you for posting Secrets of Eurasia, written many years ago but still most relevant today. You may also like

    I write for New Dawn magazine, which has published Prof Dugin and articles on Eurasia over the years.

    Keep up the great work.

    Hail the Eurasian Dawn.


  6. You should get a twister page/account, so that NSA and CSIS cannot see anything (e.g. Who is involved)
    Also take a look at Yanis Varoufakis’ book the Global Minotaur, could be of interest
    Great site!

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