How to Join NR

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There’s been many questions lately about how to become more involved in New Resistance in a real way, not just by making or sharing some social media posts or “liking” something online, but in-real-life-activism.

This is a good thing, but it requires some explanation.

In most cases people come towards NR from some past political experience and that’s great, but we don’t run our movement the way other organizations run theirs. This isn’t bravado or a value judgment, but just the ways things are.

First we don’t recruit except in very, very rare situations when we ask someone to become more involved because we see huge potential in them.

99% of the time someone has to actively try to get involved with our activities, and recruit us into the idea that they should be a part of what we are doing.

That’s a very different dynamic than what nearly everyone else on the Left, Right, and in between practices.

It should also be made clear that New Resistance doesn’t kiss anyone’s ring or take a knee to any other organization, or government agency of any kind, or political leader. We are Our Own. And will remain so.

We have friends, comrades, influences, and allies but we have been from the start and always will be completely in charge of our own operations, our leaders don’t take orders from other movement figureheads, ever.

Suggestions are welcome, orders are not.

New Resistance is an international movement interested in spreading to all corners of the world, so we are also not involved with building other organizations at the expense of our own. We consider ourselves a unique and elite brother and sisterhood and anyone who is thinking about trying to be accepted as a member should understand that.

If you have some kind of mixed loyalty, go with party #2.

We don’t want or need you.

That out of the way if you are considering New Resistance you should take the time to read and understand our Manifesto. It’s free and it’s everywhere online. If you have any major objections to any part of it, New Resistance is not for you.

Okay, so you have passed those milestones, what next?

It’s time to do some introspection and be honest with yourself on just how much you are willing to commit to the cause. There are different options and I will give a brief look at them.

#1 Supporter. This requires no official recognition from New Resistance and we don’t hold you to any standards of behavior. Anyone can assume this role. There are supporters who donate to our related projects when they feel like it, spread the word about New Resistance when the mood hits them, share things on social media, put up stickers and fliers, provide material support in other ways, or offer some other kind of assistance to us not listed when or how they choose. There’s no commitment involved and we don’t even need to know or want to know any of their details. Their work is done at their own pace, it is appreciated for what it is and helps us grow in numbers, strength and influence. Most start off at this point and then decide to step up their game later as they learn more and become more passionate for the cause.

#2 Active Supporter. Take everything above but the person now has made direct contact with New Resistance who will, at times, give them suggestions and receives some reports on the things they are doing. The door is now open to ask more detailed questions about our ideas and maybe they will get answered, if not already available in our manifesto or on our websites or videos. For most who want to be taken seriously as an active supporter they choose to donate on a monthly basis a small amount of funds to help our movement move forward. This is not mandatory, but it displays commitment, which is necessary to take the next step into our work.

#3 Probationary Member. Different cells and nations handle this period of time in different ways, but broadly speaking it means you are going to be held to as high, if not a higher standard, than those already involved as full members in our movement. You will be expected to donate a good deal of your free time to NR work, you will be expected to get yourself into shape and be able to defend yourself, you be given books to read which will you will need to purchase or otherwise obtain and study, and to stand up for New Resistance’s name and honor. One or two full members will be assigned to help with your development. Consider this a time that could be compared to a “Revolutionary Boot Camp”, where expectations will be high, it will be uncomfortable intentionally, and you will be security vetted. New Resistance is a brother and sisterhood you are making an attempt to become a part of so if your work situation, relationship situation, financial situation, or parenthood situation prevents you from putting New Resistance as a top-priority I would suggest you remain a supporter or active supporter and don’t waste your time or ours.

#4 Member. Your cell and greater leadership has been impressed enough with your actions in your probationary period to open the door to you becoming a member of New Resistance. You will need to take an esoteric, binding oath in the presence of at least two full cadres or one of our leadership circle. The expectations from you will rise higher again and your loyalty to New Resistance and every one of our brothers and sisters across the world must be absolute. It is rare for members to leave or be dismissed, but there are internal policies on how both of these functions occur. If you make it to this point you should feel rightly proud of your sacrifices and the actions you are taking for Freedom, Justice, and Revolution on a 24 hour a day, seven day a week schedule if called on. Which you will be. You have become a hero in a world increasingly mundane, take it seriously because failure in an ethical or disloyal way after making this leap will likely have great impact on you not just this life, but in your afterlife as well.

#5 Cadre. A cadre is a member who has worked hard for a period of time and shown their dedication and value to the cause. The title is given after discussion and deep consideration among our global leadership. Cadres are then qualified to lead cells of members (under the direction of our leadership) and their voice is taken very seriously on both internal and external New Resistance matters. Many cadres choose to specialize in an area (like security, technology, street organizing, online info-war, fundraising, help with development of doctrine, and much more to offer just a few possibilities), while this is not a requirement. In a world that has lost its way, the true revolutionary has to always set an aspirational example, and always remember that change starts with an individual. Be that individual. Use any method you can to effect the future we all want. Dogma is the equivalent of spiritual death.

#6 Leadership. The requirements and responsibilities here are not for anything but verbal transmission. Our leaders are not considered “better” than our cadres, just simply more experienced with a wider view of where we are and where we are headed. They can always be spoken to in a respectful manner concerning matters of importance and cadres can expect a response in as thoughtful a way as possible. However, this is something that should always be respected, as everyone’s time and energy is limited and for New Resistance to continue to grow all of us, especially our leadership needs to be able to use our time and energy optimally on all levels.

Does this answer all of the questions about joining New Resistance?

Probably not but it is not meant to.

All things aren’t for print or publication.

The spirit of this document should be clear.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

James Porrazzo

Founder New Resistance

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